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Teak and Tonka Perfume concentrate

Teak and Tonka Perfume concentrate


A finely balanced fragrance

Souvenirs from Africa


- Perfect osmosis of heat and spices


Souvenir from Africa, a reddened laterite trail, wooden houses filled with spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves… waiting to be loaded for other continents. Teck & Tonka recomposes this accord, one of the most delicious in the history of perfumes.

Enjoy the inimitable alliance of vibrant spices, warm woods and searing balms.

  • Technical characteristics :

    • Faithful reproduction of the fragrance
    • Multi-purpose (diffusers, ceramics, perfume burner)
    • Immediate scent atmosphere
    • Sweet woody-spicy scent
    • Recyclable glass bottle
    • 15 ml bottle
  • The perfume

    Sweet woody-spicy

    When a freshness of zest and spices mixed with dried fruits accompanies the warmth of sandalwood and teak warmed by a background of blond tobacco, tonka and vanilla.

    Teck & Tonka is a fragrance finely balanced between sweetness, provided by its top notes, and power, by its base notes.
    An Amber facet harmonizes the whole fragrance and the Tonka Bean softens it with a very natural, sweet, slightly balsamic, smoky, almondy scent.

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