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Amber Spray 75 ml

Amber Spray 75 ml


An invitation to travel

A journey towards the east


- Its design, its fragrance echo the power of the sun


Extend the trip in your interior by mixing olfactory pleasure and decorative pleasure.


Estéban gave birth to the Ambre perfume more than 20 years ago. This perfume, a true brand icon with a citrus-amber scent, honors amber, a historic precious resin and a flagship asset of perfumery.


The Ambre scented candle and the Ambre d'Estéban scented bouquet are in the colors of the Orient, a dazzling yellow, with a few golden touches to enhance the beauty of the perfume.

  • Perfume refill for bouquet 250ml

    • Diffusion according to your desires
    • Instant broadcast
    • Restore the subtlety of the fragrance
    • Amber-citrus scent
    • Recyclable glass bottle
    • 75 ml spray
  • The perfume

    Amber citrus

    The Amber d'Estéban fragrance first brings the freshness of bergamot, then warm and sophisticated notes. It finally releases its sweet heart of vanilla. Vanilla and bergamot characterize Amber with a fragrance with woody vanilla notes.

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