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Love in Bloom vase

Love in Bloom vase


Anatomy of feelings ... Provocative, funny and absurd at the same time, the Love in Bloom porcelain vase by Seletti is an ultra-realistic reproduction of a human heart! Veins and arteries form a network of soliflores ready to contain a unique and extravagant floral composition.
Italian designer Marcantonio delivers an ironic, surreal and subversive vision of the 'seat of feelings and love'. Give your heart, literally and figuratively, this is the ideal gift for your loved one  ! We recognize the dark humor of Marcantonio for whom objects must have character and provoke astonishment even if it means disturbing. The Love in Bloom vase brings an uninhibited, eccentric and arty touch to your decor. A true work of art, this sculptural piece is displayed in our interiors to decorate as much as to receive flowers.

  • Caractéristiques techniques :

    Vase en porcelaine fine.

    Peut être accroché au mur ou posé sur un meuble (support fourni).

    Dimensions : 16,5 x 9 Ht 25 cm

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