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Land of citrus fruits Indian incense

Land of citrus fruits Indian incense


Sun-kissed citrus

At the gates of Etna

- Freshness and happiness

“On this earth flourish orchards. At the foot of Etna, their sun-drenched citrus fruits offer us a sparkling treasure of freshness, to illuminate your interior ”


Terre d'Agrumes, a woody citrus scent, is a perfect balance between wood and citrus. Refreshing, this bouquet of delicacies with Sicilian flavors will bring tone and lightness to your interior.

  • Technical characteristics :

    • Handcrafted from natural components
    • Flurry of light fragrant smoke
    • Citrus woody scent
  • The perfume

    The woody citrus scent


    The top notes of Terre d'Agrumes are made up of an adequacy of 3 precious fragrances, petitgrain, mandarin and bigarade.

    The heart notes, which will further characterize the perfume, begin to build its character, come from green tea and jasmine. A homogeneous alloy of complementary materials which give the perfume its citrus side.

    Finally, the base notes of Terre d'Agrumes which reveal its unique personality and which contribute to its woody side, are extracted from cedar and musks.

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