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Neroli Perfume refill for bouquet 500ml

Neroli Perfume refill for bouquet 500ml


A perfect balance

- All the liveliness and freshness of the essence of Neroli


Adored by the queen of Nérola who used it abundantly, neroli exhales tender scents, a true cocoon of well-being. The queen filled her bath with orange blossoms in order to embalm her body, her clothes, her gloves as well as her Roman Palace with this sacred odor. The name of neroli was given to this perfume to pay homage to the history of Nerola and to the royal family.


A graceful star crowned with gold, the essence of Neroli fills the house with an elegant, sensual and enveloping halo.



  • Perfume refill for bouquet 250ml

    • Economical format
    • Up to 6 months of broadcast
    • Recyclable bottle
    • Bright floral-white scent
    • 500 ml bottle
  • The perfume

    Bright white floral

    Neroli is based around fairly fruity and refined top notes. Blackcurrant and Sicilian bergamot combine for imminent olfactory pleasure.
    The floral notes are present from the heart notes which consist of neroli, white geranium and jasmine. This floral accord of soft white flowers promotes the finesse of the fragrance.
    Finally, the base notes that form the personality of the perfume are composed of aromas of patchouli and musky accords.

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