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Black fig perfume concentrate 15 ml

Black fig perfume concentrate 15 ml


An ode to the Mediterranean

An intense and warm fragrance


- Like a treasure for your home


Under its majestic leaves, the black fig appears like a jewel. Its tender skin protects a generous pulp which retains in its heart the irresistible and warm temperament of the Mediterranean. Like a treasure, its perfume is distilled to sublimate the house.


Figue Noire d'Estéban can be characterized as an intense fruity scent of black figs, combined with the freshness of its beautiful jagged green leaves, on an elegant coppery woody accord reminiscent of the tree and the warmth of the Mediterranean.

  • Technical characteristics :

    • Restitution fidèle du parfum
    • Multi-usages (diffuseurs, céramiques, brûle-parfum)
    • Ambiance parfumée immédiate
    • Parfum fruité boisé
    • Flacon en verre reyclable
    • Flacon 15 ml
  • The perfume

    Woody fruity

    Black fig, fruity woody scent perfectly embodies the scent of fig, its wood and its leaves.

    At the first olfactory contact, Figue Noire seduces us with its aromas of violet leaves and black fig. Then, we are immersed in a universe marked by fig wood and sandalwood. Finally, the base notes of Figue Noire merge to give way to Labdanum and some musky accords.

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