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Lampion Edition Perfume mist diffuser

Lampion Edition Perfume mist diffuser


A jewel of light and scents


With its appearance of a golden aviary, its 3 light intensities and its wireless system, this brand new diffuser is about to revolutionize our days and evenings at home!


A true showcase of light and scents, the Lampion Edition diffuser dresses interiors as well as covered terraces and creates a soft and soothing atmosphere for several hours (4-5 of battery life).


The +: We love its easy-to-handle handle that allows it to be moved anywhere at home. To us the sweet evenings in the winter garden  !

  • Technical characteristics :

    • Wireless diffuser to enjoy your scented atmosphere as you wish, on the go or on the mains, in indoor spaces and covered terraces.
    • 3 light intensities
    • Duration of diffusion by alternation  15 s and continuously non-stop (≈4-5h on battery or ≈13h on mains)
    • Lamp diffusion duration: Battery at 100%, from 40h to 60h of use (varies according to the light intensity and the conditions of use of the battery)
    • Format 20.5 cm x 13.5 cm
    • Compatible with all Estéban perfume concentrates
  • Details

    And the broadcaster becomes nomadic

    With its appearance of a golden aviary, this diffuser becomes a showcase of light. Thanks to its handle  and its wireless system (4-5 hours of autonomy), you can place it in all spaces of  the house including terrace.

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